Wire Floor Cover

wire floor cover

Installing a wire floor cover over cables, wires and extension cords will keep them safe from destruction that can occur from exposure or damage. When situated in a storage space, wires and cables can be destroyed by rodents chewing on them, leading to the destruction of equipment or a short that can start a fire.

When out in open work areas, production workers may drive heavy equipment over wires and cause damage. Loose wires anywhere can cause tripping.

In all scenarios, your wires need a wire floor cover to protect them from damage and to prevent people from falls or shocks. The best floor cord cover is one that will keep wires and cables securely in place and allow vehicles to drive over them without causing damage or movement. That calls for a very flexible and durable cord cover that can withstand a ton of weight!

Cordapillar – The Best Floor Cord Cover

Cordapillar was designed to hug the floor, keeping exposed wires and cables in place while supporting the weight of workers and vehicles without cracking or buckling. Designed with high-strength plastic, Cordapillar offers industrial-strength protection from anything your work environment can subject it to.

A Very Flexible Cord Cover

Cordapillar comes in sections to allow users to add on as much length as needed. This also lends great flexibility to the configuration, allowing workers to direct the wires or cables around objects or equipment on the floor.

Cordapillar hugs the floor, allowing rugs or mats to easily hide it as it invisibly does its job beneath.

Cordapillar works equally well in the home and outdoor environment where it brings professional strength protection to any household or yard items you want to protect. Use Cordapillar in the garage for work equipment or in the shop to cover heavy duty wires on saws, drills and more. Organize entertainment center wires and cables or modems and hard drive cables.

Get your work or home environment organized while protecting staff or family and safeguarding expensive equipment. Cordapillar is a small investment constructed to protect your most valuable possessions.

The New Solution for a Safe Home & Work Environment!

Choose to protect your family and employees from a hazardous environment by investing in Cordapillar today.
Choose a color to complement your flooring.
Or, for a high-visibility solution, go with our black and yellow HAZARD color scheme.