Floor Cord Covers

Floor cord covers are ideal in any situation where cords and wires are out in the open where they can be damaged or cause harm to someone coming in contact with them. They serve several purposes:

  1. Neatly contain and conceal cords of many sizes.
  2. Organize unsightly cords
  3. Prevent people from tripping
  4. Prevent damage to cords
  5. Prevent shock and fire hazard

Cordapillar floor cover cord kits accomplish all five tasks neatly and durably both in the home and work environment. Each kit contains 5 units that easily snap together to create a virtually indestructible, weather resistant layer of protection that hugs the floor to prevent cords from movement or contact.


The floor cord cover works on hard floor surfaces, over carpet or under rugs. A floor cord cover used on a carpet will stay in place and prevent the cord from tripping exposure and being damaged by a vacuum when placed under furniture.


Cordapillar will stay securely in place on any surface. It is resistant to water, bad weather and can handle up to two thousand pounds of pressure.

Applications for Floor Cord Covers:

  • Organize television, vcr and cable wires
  • Organize computer and printer wires and cables
  • Protect wires and cables from exposure to outdoor elements
  • Protect wires and cables from tripping and risk of shock in high traffic areas
  • Prevent exposure to gnawing by rodents in garages or storage areas
  • Work site safety precaution

The New Solution for a Safe Home & Work Environment!

Choose to protect your family and employees from a hazardous environment by investing in Cordapillar today.
Choose a color to complement your flooring.
Or, for a high-visibility solution, go with our black and yellow HAZARD color scheme.