Cordapillar Extension Cord Cover

The Cordapillar Extension Cord Cover hides cords, cables and wires while keeping you, your family and friends safe from shock and tripping injuries. Its durable construction conforms to twists and turns, providing a safe, flat surface to step on while being strong enough to roll over. Rubber feet on its underside keep it safely in place, gripping to the floor’s surface. The interior capacity of the Cordapillar extension cord protection is ample enough to contain several cables and wires, up to 7/16” high and ¾” wide.

Have cables and wires from a television, computer or outdoor lighting in the path of foot traffic? Now you can protect all those cables and wires belonging to your expensive equipment and protect the people who matter most from the everyday hazards of cords and wires to avoid.

If you’re using equipment for the day, Cordapillar is so quick and easy to set up, it bends and turns corners and is no hassle to keep everyone safe while you’re busy focusing on getting work done. Add cord protection wherever you need it and as long as you need it; Cordapillar power cord cover comes in sections that snap together to create the length you desire.

Order your choice of color to match décor or black and yellow to stand out in a hazardous area. You’ll never need to replace your cables, cords or wires when they’re protected by Cordapillar. Cordapillar is great for the home, backyard, office, work site and much more.

Whatever the cable, wire or extension cord challenge, Cordapillar’s got you covered!

The New Solution for a Safe Home & Work Environment!

Choose to protect your family and employees from a hazardous environment by investing in Cordapillar today.
Choose a color to complement your flooring.
Or, for a high-visibility solution, go with our black and yellow HAZARD color scheme.