Electric Cord Protector

The Cordapillar Electric Cord Protector comes in three different colors



Why We Developed the Cordapillar Professional Cord Protector

Any time an electrical cord is damaged, there is a risk of shock. When an electrical cord is exposed on an ongoing basis, the risk increases. Equipment used on a long-term basis for work or home projects are often left in place until the job is complete. Often an electrical cord is in the path of foot traffic where someone can trip or the cord can be damaged.

Ordinarily, just having a cord in the way is a risk for tripping, but leaving wires exposed after the rubber exterior has been damaged is a risk for shock, electrocution and fire.

Common Damage Causes to Electric Cords:

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  • Both in the home and on the work site, rodents are often the cause of damaged electrical cords that have been left unprotected for long periods of time.
  • If something heavy or having a sharp edge drops on the electrical cord, it can cut through, leaving the wires exposed or severed.
  • The outer plastic or rubber on some electric cords can crack with age and when subject to pressure over time.

Electric Cord Protector

The best solution for preventing damage to expensive equipment or risking injury to family or employees is to properly secure the electric cord to the ground. Cordapillar will cover and stabilize the cord, withstanding up to 2000 lbs. of pressure.

Problems solved:

  1. Tripping hazard
  2. Protection from mice and rats
  3. Can withstand the weight of a vehicle
  4. Conforms flat to the ground
  5. Can be hidden beneath a rug